H1 Duct Truck

Air Duct Cleaning Austin

HAVAC SYSTEM: Our unique exclusively designed and built HAVAC vac system uses a 35 HP Briggs gas engine with fluid coupling and direct drive (no belts) to drive the fan. This is a simpler design as there are no belts to maintain on the fan and breakdowns are less likely. The compressor is run separate with its own Gas engine usually a Castair compressor with 43.6 CFM, 175 PSI. Suction as good as any other truck on the market.Learn more about the HAVAC and the new Dynafin Blade.

BETTER ROOF STORAGE: Also take note of the exhaust bags,they are now coming out the roof on just one side of the truck allowing the other half of the roof open for ladder racks, imagine not having to move your ladders every time you start your vac system.

BETTER CLEAN OUT SYSTEM: Debris clean out is no longer a tedious chore, why drive around with a 1000 pounds of your customers dirt in your truck which just adds unneeded weight , fuel and repair costs . The new clean our bins consists of a simple lightweight drums which can be easily emptied on a weekly or monthly basis , plus for large jobs with hundreds of pounds of dirt removal then multiple bins can be brought in , no more making trips to the dump half way through your work schedule.

CUSTOM DESIGN: We can design the truck your way , our new methods allow you to choose the way you hook up your hoses , run the vacuum intake from the back, or front sides.

SMALLER FOOTPRINT MORE STORAGE: The New H1 is actually smaller than most other trucks , at just 12 feet in length (we can make the box any length if needed). We have unique cargo bed slide out trays that can hold an electric portable vacuum such as our Revolution Hybrid vac so you can have the best of both worlds when you don’t have enough hose to reach the furnace, just go to work without wasting valuable time on the job. With our slide out shelving you can also hold all your key selling items, now you will have plenty of room for humidifiers, filters and what ever else you need, making your truck not only the best duct cleaning equipment on the planet but also a service vehicle as well.

OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE: Learn the ins and outs of the H1/H2 Duct Truck – from startup procedures to oil changes, this video will teach you how to operate your new H1 Duct Cleaning Truck.

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