Chimney cleaning Dallas

A1 GLOBAL INC is a local cleaning service specializing in cleaning all types of chimneys, stoves and ranges, we service Dallas , Houston , Fort Worth , Austin and san Antonio  area . Our promise to all our customers is “prompt, reliable service” at all times. We believe in providing a professional, tidy and efficient service while also keeping our prices competitive. Services provided: Chimney cleaning: Fireplaces, Stoves & Ranges Cowls / bird guards supplied and fitted Carbon monoxide detectors supplied and fitted. 

When should I clean and Why? It is essential to have your chimney swept on a regular basis, at least annually if you use your fire or appliance regularly to ensure safe operation of your chimney. Having Air Duct DC sweep your chimney eliminates the buildup of soot and creosote and greatly reduces the risk of chimney fire. Any of the following would suggest your chimney needs to be swept.

 Soot dropping into the fireplace.
Deposits of tar visible in the chimney or stove.
Strong odor coming from the fireplace.
Smoking or draught problems.
Moving into a new home.
Birds or animal nesting. 

Carbon Monoxide Carbon  Monoxide is a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas that is sometimes referred to as “the silent killer”. Toxic amounts of carbon monoxide can be produced if there is blocked or damaged flues or chimneys. A1 GLOBAL INC  can supply and install a carbon monoxide alarm in your home to ensure you and your family are protected. Air Duct Cleaning Dallas, Air Duct Cleaning Austin, Air Duct Cleaning Houston, Air Duct Cleaning Fort Worth, Air Duct Cleaning San Antonio, Air Duct Inspecting Dallas, Air Duct Inspecting Austin, Air Duct Inspecting Houston, Air Duct Inspecting Fort Worth, Air Duct Inspecting San Antonio, Air Duct Maintenance Dallas, Air Duct Maintenance Houston, Air Duct Maintenance Fort Worth, Air Duct Maintenance San Antonio, Air Duct Maintenance Austin, Dryer vent Cleaning Dallas, Dryer vent Cleaning Austin, Dryer vent Cleaning Houston, Dryer vent Cleaning Fort Worth, Dryer vent Cleaning San Antonio, HVAC Cleaning Dallas, HVAC Cleaning Austin, HVAC Cleaning Houston, HVAC Cleaning Fort Worth, HVAC Cleaning San Antonio